Government Grants for Small Businesses & Women

Small business grants are closer than you think. They can also be the ideal way to fulfill your dreams of becoming a business owner. It is often a hot topic among entrepreneurs with limited funds and access to capital. They are given to those people who want to start their own small business as a means of supporting themselves while at the same time contributing to the US economy. Business grants are also provided by the US government. Remember, Small Business Grants are not loans and that’s why many people refer to them as Free Grant Money!

Business Grant or Business Loan…?

Grant programs don’t require credit checks, collateral, security deposits or co-signers. In some cases recipients are required to submit periodic progress reports to demonstrate that the grant funds are being utilized properly and goals are being achieved as projected in the application. Grants differ from loans in that they are not repayable. We all know what it takes to get a common loan…like auto loans, home loans, cash loans, etc. Why not try a free grant program that writes the grant for you and also addresses every issue you’ll need to cover before submitting it to the proper agency.

Business Grants Do What?

Business grants are one way that women can run successful businesses whether they have a home-based business or a business outside of the home. They are available to start a new or expand an existing business, equipment financing, acquisition of a new or existing business, rent, salaries, office expenses and overhead. Given to women who are small business owners to encourage and promote economic growth as well. Grants are available to anyone over 18 years of age. In fact, the small business grant you need to start or expand your business may be available right in your own home state.

The Purpose of Grants

A grant supports the business idea and turns the dreams of an entrepreneur in to reality. There are many types of grants offered by the government that include individual grants for personal necessities, business grants for starting new business, housing grants, ,education grants for funding education and many more.

Business Grants & Women

Grants are also available for women who want to buy an existing business. They are also available for women who want to attend business school so that they gain the knowledge they need to start their own business. They are also awarded to women who excel in their respective fields. The best part about business grants is that they are free in the sense that you do not have to pay back the money to the funding agency or the government. Women can also get money to encourage advanced online education have a distinct advantage over any business that leaves advanced learning to chance. Businesses that fall into this arena often find they are eligible for small business grants.

There are Other Options…

Also remember that the federal government, through the SBA, does offer a fine array of very attractive loans to start or expand a small business. There are also low interest and no Interest Government loans available for you to take full advantage of. Most small business owners have to look to personal resources and loans to finance their small business. You may have looked into bank loans, asked friends and family for a loan or looked into getting a few credit cards to pay for you to set your business up.

Grants for Women

Women have the largest opportunity of any group to benefit from the generosity of the Government Grant Programs. Women are taking more initiative to work for themselves. Womens small business grants are available in many forms. Women continue to account for the majority of stay at home parents. Women interested in accessing small business grants to start or expand their own businesses should understand certain limitations inherent in small business grant funding. Women have a 75% greater chance of success in business ownership.

Grants for Education

Education is a priority for any government, and for this reason the government. Education grants are available from various sources and are generally funded by the government, although many are established and sponsored by private institutions. They can vary in the amount of the grant as well as the period the grant is made available to the student. Women are also much easier to qualify for and get than education grants. Scholarships are also available for a myriad of situations.

A Little Info about the SBA

SBA does not provide lower interest rates for small businesses. SBA is not related to granting any free government grants, but instead it provides counseling, technical trainings and assistance in areas which are required to run a small business management using its resourceful SBDC or Small Business Development Center at absolutely NO extra Cost to you, its totally FREE. SBA has offices in every state and worked with various non-profit, lending and educational and training organizations nationwide. SBA also runs programs that are intended to help women with training and technical assistance, access to credit and capital, government contracts and such. As far as individuals are concerned, SBA does not offer business grants to any entrepreneur but it does help the minority groups, the women entrepreneurs, economic development of underdeveloped regions, and numerous such activities.

Revealed – The Number 1 Reason MLM Businesses Fail!

We join our mlm business for various reasons. Unfortunately most of these are based on greed, wanting to make it big, quick, without working too hard. Other reasons range from actually liking the products, to having the desire to be an owner/entrepreneur. Our mlm businesses fail due to one major reason; we treat our business like a hobby or at best a part-time job, which in turn leads to the failure of our mlm business.

Think of what would happen if we treated our infant children this way. If we didn’t pay attention, nourish, clothe and watch over our children they would and like our mlm business, fail. Do we treat our children like a hobby or a full-time job? Even better don’t we run our family like a business, sure we do. We have schedules to keep, bills to pay, homework time and the list goes on and on. So if we would look at our mlm business and look at the 95% failure rate something has to change.

To help avoid your mlm business from failing, we must work as business owners not employees. Unfortunately this is going to take time. We are trained from grade school through college to be “good employees” and this impart is what leads to this mlm business failure rate. We all want to be business owners and entrepreneurs, so let’s do that. If we invest the time, energy and effort that we do at work into our own business, this 98% mlm business failure rate would change, guaranteed.

Here is a quick list of the things that I do each day to keep my mlm business from failing:

1. Set a schedule and stick to it!

We go to work each day and the boss says be here by 9am and you can leave at 5pm, at NO point does this change for our mlm business. We must be the boss, not the employee and set a schedule for our activities or our mlm business will without doubt fail.

2. Remind yourself of the reality of your upline. Your upline does not have an mlm business that is failing because they work the business as an IBO – Independent Business Owner. They are treating their business like a business, they are the boss. Your upline and I mean the guy or gal talking as the expert, the one who is up on stage talking 90% of the time, knows that the rate of failure in the mlm business is 95%. They are using those numbers in THEIR favor not yours, they are using you as an employee for FREE! Kudos to them I say, but I also say YOU can do the same thing but even better. Take charge of your own system, when you signed up to be an IBO you signed up to do just that and if you don’t your mlm business will fail and become part of the 95%. By the way, you are in the 5% that he/she talks about on the video screen but not for long, so think, educate and keep your mlm alive and not another mlm business failure.

3. Everyday I remind myself that all I invest: time, energy and effort will be paid back in multiples. This includes positive time, effort and energy as well as negative. Mlm business failure is not so much due to the effort and energy that we put forth as it is to the time we waste with the teachings of our upline that will not exponentially grow our mlm business. Ask yourself did McDonalds grow because 1 person told 3 people who then got 3 people to go to a seminar for 1 hour? Mlm business failure is an issue of using time wisely.

Finally, your mlm business will become how you treat it. If we are teaching and practicing failure techniques then your mlm will fail. If we take a step back and look to educate and practice methods that make the most of our time, energy and effort we can and will avoid mlm business failure. If you would like further information and would like to educate yourself, visit the following link. If you chose not to please try and look beyond your upline’s message and think about this article to avoid mlm business failure.

Business Angels and Your Start-up Finance

Business angels fall under the category of equity finance. They form the most popular form of equity finance and can truly do wonders for your business venture.

When it comes to starting up your own business the most important thing to sort out before anything else is your start-up business finance. You will need funding for your business before you even start trading. No matter what type of business you are planning to go into, whether you are selling a product or a service you will need to secure finance before you open your business up for trading.

Funding for your business can come in many forms, ensuring that you choose the one that is best for your business is the tricky part so here’s some helpful advice. Most new business fail due to incorrect funding with many making the mistake of turning to their bank for finance only to find out that the bank refuses to give them the capital they need and with many more finding out the hard way that they can’t keep up with repayments, which ends with them losing not only their business venture but typically their house that they thought was a good idea at the time to use as an asset to their bank loan.

You’re probably left thinking now ‘what am I going to do?’ well lucky for you there are people out their waiting to give you money for your business start-up funding that you, wait for it, don’t have to pay back! Who are these kind people I hear you cry, business angels of course. A business angel is a high net worth, wealthy individual who has already made their fortune through other business ventures. They are often retired individuals who invest their skills as well as capital into new and developing businesses. Business angels invest money into your business that you never have to pay back in return for a growth share of your business.

Business angels typically seek investments that will give them ten times more back than their original investment within five years of your business being active. They invest their own funds and usually invest between £10,000 and £750,000.

As well as cash, business angels can offer years of experience in the business world. Although some prefer to become a sleeping partner, others will get actively involved in your business from writing a marketing plan to taking the company through a flotation on the stock market.

Business angels will invest across most industry sectors and stages of business development. They tend to generally look for the following within your business as a basis of whether to go ahead with an investment:

o The expertise and track record of the management

o Your businesses competitive edge or unique selling point

o The characteristics and growth potential of the market

o Compatibility between the management, business proposal and their skills and investment preferences

If you do decide to choose the help of a business angel within your business start-up funding then you must ensure that the angel you choose is right for your business needs. You should choose a business angel that is best suited to the needs of your business.

It is also important to keep in mind that business angels tend to mainly invest locally and within a specialised area.